martes, 17 de abril de 2007

meeting a famous person

Jennifer López

She was born in the Bronx of New York

She has 31 years old

She is a singer, she sings pop music, she is a dancer and she’s famous

For that too

She’s good looking and pretty

She looks nice friendly

She’s married with marc Anthony


we can see people working in some works like doctors, cooks, firemen, police, engineers an.

hes a doctor, he help people, he works in a hospital

they are polices they work for the comunity and the country they save people to bad people
they make a secure city

the house of my dreams

we can see my dream house there is a living room,dining room,kitchen,bedroom,bedroom,bath,

the clothes !!

we leanr about clothes and what people wear

shes wearing a green tshit an orange short, a yellow purse, and sunglasses, she have a watch too

she have in her hands a swinsut

talking about friend

My Friend and Me:

She is Nairely, she wears a blue and pink blues with a blue, jean, she is 19 yeas old, from Maracaibo, and she is a student.

My name is Estefania

Hi, I m Estefania Velez, I’m seventeen years old , I m from Venezuela, Maracaibo exactly , I’m a student , I’m studying accounting in URBE. About my personality I’m nice and a little shy and friendly I’m a little short, I’m thin, I have a light brown skin, my eyes and my hair are brown.

In this picture I’m wearing a pink blouse, and gold earrings.

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007


Hi. my name is Dionny Baptista.
I´mestefania velez
It´s nice to meet you, too
I´m sorry. what´s your last
name again?
It´s yang.